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Part I: An introduction

1. The Grey Folder intro
2. Letter to America
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Part II: Searching for Frieda

1. Two sisters
2. A Trip to Washington
3. Destination Unknown
4. Questions
5. Searching
6. Hope and fear
7. An urgent matter
8. Summer, 1940
9. Escape
10. Cable to Marseille
11. Too late
Remembering Frieda
13. Epilogue
14. One family
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Part III: Hauntings

1. In Search of Names
2. Two brothers in France
3. Mistaken identity
4. By another name
5. Anticipation
6. Faces
7. Campaign of correction
8. Out of the blue
9. Which France?
10. 70 rue des Pyrénées
11. Honor and shame
12. Identity
13. Traces
14. Recognition
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Background pages

My father's story
Requirements for U.S. visa
The problem of affidavits
NO to rescue -- rejection letters
Deported to Gurs, France, 1940
A young man's flight
Abschied/ Farewell --poem
Unadorned travel report
Staying in Germany
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With gratitude to:

Steffen Pross
Karen Strobel
Suse Underwood
Thomas Lahusen
Mel Werbach
Ron Coleman
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